Be Transformed Class: Romans 12:1-2

A 10 Week free small group with those who desire to grow in Faith, Love and the Word of God

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Developed by Scope Ministries International, 

Be Transformed Information

The Be Transformed Ministry is ministry under the Christian Education Department at Christ Redemption Tabernacle Church. It meets for ten weeks, (week ten is usually graduation) in a very safe and relaxing setting. It uses the Be Transformed workbook.  It was designed to help people identify and address the root causes of personal struggles. It’s simple, clear teaching and practical personal assignments, lead them to interact with God and help them discover how His word applies to specific needs in their lives.  It teaches them how to renew their mind every day with the truth of the Father’s unconditional love and their identity in Christ.  This study can liberate anyone to become who God has made them to be! 


My Be Transformed Testimony:

My name is Kereen. In the Fall of 2005 I gave my life to the Lord, but after two or sometimes three Sunday services, Tuesday night prayer meetings, Young Adult weekly services, and full time ministry, I would find myself still struggling with old habits, emotional issues, and sins I could not shake. I knew I needed a closer relationship with Jesus, but did not know where to turn or too embarrassed to talk about my situation. When Be Transformed was advertised at my former church (The Brooklyn Tabernacle), I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. Nine months later I was accepted due to their long waiting list but it was just in time. I was struggling with issues and attacks from my family, the devil and my own selfishness, and needed to understand what was happening.

Through Be Transformed I gained the knowledge and understanding of the victory I already had over various attacks and wrong beliefs. Especially when it came to paying my tithe. I learned new and exciting things about myself and recalled child hood memories buried so deep I didn’t even knew existed. These I was able to deal with and walk in the freedom I possess as a Christian. I learned how to cry, how to forgive and let myself feel emotions that used to scare me. To sum it all up, I was transformed emotionally, behaviorally and relationally. As a result, it has a been a pleasure to enable others to experience this exhilarating kind if freedom I have found by doing this class. Since then, I have gone through it many times as a facilitator and on my own. Each time I learn something new or shed something old, because transformation is an ongoing process. It's your turn!